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Family History

1964: Marie Thérèse and Jean Terrat, grandparents, sell the products of their farm in Saint Etienne. In 1977, they decided to leave everything to come to the Marché Couvert of Sainte Maxime. They sell cheeses from Auvergne such as Fourme d'Ambert, Saint Nectaire and Cantal. Surprised by their success, they quickly develop a much wider range of cheeses.
1980: Marie Jo and Renato, the parents, take back the stand N ° 2 of the Market. With their arrival, the display of the Burons develops. We can already find all kinds of French cheeses but also Italian products. Marie Jo constantly brings new ideas while Renato brings her artistic side.
1991: Marie Jo, always listening to customers, creates the Cave du Château. After visiting over a hundred producers, she selects the best Côtes de Provence. It turns out that today, after 26 years, the initial selection has not changed much but has expanded.
2005: La Rôtisserie is created. It is experiencing a rapid growth because once again, the quality of the roasted products is privileged more than anything else.
2008: Ingrid, the daughter, contributed to the good development of the family business. It brings energy and creativity. Rudy, the son, left his job at the SNCF Engineering to come to work with his sister.

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